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Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

KFF is a non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the U.S., including implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). KFF has a range of materials available for policy makers and consumers related to the ACA and other health policy issues.

The Federal government’s website for enrolling in coverage and accessing information and resources about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).




American Academy for HIV Medicine

Provides information targeted to HIV medical providers on a variety of Affordable Care Act (ACA) topics.


Black AIDS Institute

Provides policy resources and conducts advocacy, technical assistance and trainings to curb the HIV epidemic in Black communities.


Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation

Provides policy resources on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for people with HIV.


Enroll America

Conducts a national grassroots campaign to promote enrollment in insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Get Covered America 

A nonprofit, nonpartisan campaign of Enroll America focused on raising public awareness and engaging consumers about their new, affordable health insurance options



A non-profit organization that helps uninsured people with HIV and/or Hepatitis C access free medications offered by pharmaceutical company Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) through a one-stop application.  Harborpath works directly with case managers, advocates and health care providers to help patients in the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Washington, DC. Harborpath also administers The ADAP Waiting List Program which helps patients with HIV who are eligible for ADAPs but on a waiting list.


HIV Health Reform                                                                

Provides information for HIV community based organizations and consumers on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Serves as a repository for materials from many organizations and also hosts webinars on numerous ACA-related topics.

Prepare for round two of ACA open enrollment:

The “Speak Up” project also helps people living with HIV get the care they need through health care reform. This national project will monitor, catalog, and analyze the problems experienced by people with HIV in the new health care system.


HIV Medicine Association

Provides various materials on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with an emphasis on materials for HIV medical providers.



Provides information on policy guidance and other resources about the interaction between the Affordable Care Act and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.  Operated by the Health Resources and Services Administration, the federal agency that administers the Ryan White Program.


National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)

Provides numerous  resources on the Affordable Care Act, with an emphasis on policy guidance of particular importance to state policymakers.



Provides information for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community about their options under the Affordable Care Act or ACA.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Partnership of pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, and consumer advocacy organizations to help patients without prescription drug coverage access medications for free or at low-cost.


Target Center

Provides information for Ryan White Program grantees and others about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Ryan White Program.  It includes resources for HIV providers to support implementation of the ACA and assist people with HIV to enroll in new coverage.

Target Center ACA tools:


Treatment Access Expansion Project

Provides policy resources and advocacy materials related to implementing the Affordable Care Act for people with HIV.


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We have made every effort to provide accurate information on this portal, but you should contact the marketplace or Medicaid agency in your state for guidance on your specific situation. Click here to find contacts in your state. All data on the site were updated November 2014 and are subject to change.


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